I Am a Cow


Let me tell you my story..

As an average Cow I was born here on this planet Earth. It might sound silly to you, but I really desired to be born as a cow I am today and I was happy at first. Until my moms milk was taken away with my mom. She was slayed as millions of other cows. My mom loved humans deeply and milk she gave was most tastiest in the world but someone betrayed my mom in the farm and slayed her in front of my eyes but to her milk was added poison and distributed to humanity.

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CowsRights Vision

2025 - 2030
Implementing New Policies

Our policies suggests usage and free availability of milk and diary products without additives by stimulation of development and support of natural eco-farms.

Cows Rights Business Chain Development

Locating farmers and businesses to support highest standards of diary products without additives and organizing alternative fresh diary delivery chain.

Co-orporate Support Allocation

CowsRights was formed in 2020 as an answer to the corporate media vegan agenda as an urgent need to give milk and cows rights different legacy and public understanding with a hope that You will help.

Not so much yet...

Let's look on Today! We are still new and need more fuel. Maybe you want to see your business name on this list? You still have chance to save the cows and help us to make their life's better!

First funding received

As any organization to achieve our goals we need funding and public support. First financial support was received from Vegetarian Fast Food Chain

Corporation with InMillhouse PR assigned

For successful management of CowsRights public image was assigned as our co-corporate media partner.

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Can You Help CowsRights?

Do You Wish To Buy a Clean Diary Products?

Milk Solids are the lactose (milk sugar), protein, minerals, calcium and enzymes naturally found in milk.

Are You a Policy-Maker?

A mayor, a school board, a corporation's directors, and the President of the United States are welcome to join.

Are You a Diary Product Producer?

Let's come to some ethical terms of what is possible and what is not so to keep diary safe and without cow's sub-products.

Are You a Farmer?

By growing heirloom and other non-commercial varieties, small farms bolster biodiversity and increase food security.

Do You know How to develop Web and Mobile Apps?

As a growing organization besides influencers we are in a desperate need for a free-lance highly motivated IT and App Dev. guys.

Maybe You are a Lawyer?

Join our team of collaborative law specialists worldwide and grow the network of our NGO by localizing and lobbying legislation.

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Let's work together !

Cow protection means protection of the weak, the helpless, the dumb and the deaf. - Mahatma Gandhi
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